Sarah Adegoke(21)and Sylvester Emmanuel(20) are recurring names in the tennis community here in Nigeria. These two athletes made their country proud by winning the CBN senior tennis tournament held in Abuja between the 21st and 30th of June. If we remember correctly this is the same Sarah who from a young age has a history of bringing home trophies. In 2011, she and her teammates brought home a win for Nigeria at the ITF/CAT Junior Circuit in Senegal! Since then Sarah has been posting similar results and that has led her to being ranked top of women’s tennis in Nigeria.
Emmanuel is a known name amongst us in Nigeria , he too has played in the team events as a youngster alongside Sarah and Crystal Nzewi (a student of Kone’s Tennis Cafe) another international player who was the team in 2011.
Sarah and Emmanuel have been invited by CEO (Luik Tennis and Recreation Club) Uzo Izugokwe and Coach Temi Nzewi (KTC) for a dinner in order to celebrate their CBN win at LTR on Saturday June 14th.
Mr. Uzo and Coach T are always looking for ways to empower young athletes in Nigeria especially in the tennis field. By hosting this dinner they both look to encourage the players to pursue more heights and to congratulate them on their win.

Join them and get to celebrate their success also and you too may be privy to the latest event that will be unfolding in the course of the weekend!