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Gideon – A Mighty Man of Valour

Gideon – A Mighty Man of Valour

So what are you going to do when life hands you a pack of cards that’s just the wrong deal? You going to take it lying down? I found out recently while watching a documentary on Discovery Channel that wild animals don’t eat anything that’s still and lying down as if dead. They walk away …. so what are you going to do complain? Even your mama don’t want to be around you when you complain and mamas are supposed to love you and be with you in the worst situations (smile).

My ward right now is a young player of 11 years on the verge of 12 in little less than 3 days – an exciting time one would say for a young boy who wants to play professionally- because we’ve all heard Zverev say that by the age of 12 he knew that he wanted to go Pro and didn’t want to go to ‘School’ anymore. Many boys at age 12 really don’t want to go to school and my Player Jade is no different. In my opinion talking Pro at this age is not really effective because someone told me recently that an adult idea of Pro is not the same as a child’s. And this is true! But what counts and what we as custodian (be it parent, coach, Trainer) can do at the early stage is create a sense of self belief. And this is why in this series we are talking about Gideon. A man who had little or no belief at the beginning in himself but later we see him grow in confidence and finally lead an Army of 30,000 men. Follow me along on a discovery of what made the change we see in the same man between Judges 6 and Judges 7.

You see in Chapter 6 he is called Gideon, but soon after his encounter with the angel where he was called a mighty man of valour and given a task which he passed, immediately at the beginning of Judges 7 he is called Jerubaal. He gets a new name because now he has believed and acknowledges that indeed he is a mighty man of valour!

Three things I gleaned from Gideon:

First of all the fact that he wasn’t surprised at the first encounter with the angel of the Lord talking with him reflects a kind of expectancy in that he had been asking questions and knew that there would be a response. What is the application of this? Simple, if we mere mortals were to ponder deeply (meditate) on a problem and make finding the solution yours, then yes indeed heaven will shift on a seismic scale to deliver that solution! So yes when the portal of heaven opened in Verse 12 of Judges 6, the man threshing (doing physical work) in a meditative state was in the position to come face to face with the questions he had been asking?

Secondly, he was asking questions not in a complaining, blaming God kind of fashion, but like in John 1: 48 – when God knows the heart of man – we see in Verse 14 of this same Judges 6, God says to him “go in this thy might…” meaning that he knew what was in the heart of Gideon and all that he needed was the confirmation that God was with him to do what he needed to achieve, what his inner mind had already been telling him all these years. While going about his daily duties diligently, he probably was meditating about ALL the previous works God had done to the Israelites and that is why he could have recounted them so easily for according to Jeremiah 9:24, a wise man is one who glories in the knowledge and understanding of God and His ways.

Thirdly, he was a humble man, but not only that he was the least of his family, just like Joseph and David, God uses the men that the world often least expects. So my dear friend what where we saying at the beginning of this week’s continuation on the series? Yes, Life hands you a raw deal, a bad hand, what do you do? Stay tuned for more next week. 

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