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A New Mentality

Starting out a new chapter in one’s life is never easy but yet it is the one constant that we see over and over again in life. Take a look around you and yes it is always there: our kids are starting off a new class, a new college, our spouses are heading off to a new position and all of a sudden we find ourselves separated and in a state we have never been before. A friend loses a wife or a husband and suddenly they are forced to live a new life; a man is walking along the road and suddenly he is hit by a car and is forced to live the rest of his life on a wheel chair.. and so on and on it goes. as the French will say “c’est la vie!”

As we have seen in the story of Gideon thus far – the man we have been following his story – he is given a task to destroy the gods of his family and this he does (of course not without some trepidation ) but come the morning when the people asked that he be brought out and punished, guess what? rather than punish him, the father wisely says “why doesn’t Baal contend for himself, after all if he be a god as we have known him to be powerful then he can defend himself against my son” (italics mine). So here is Jerubaal going about freely knowing that he has destroyed the god of his family and lived to tell the story and now he is prepared to take on the real mission which was to free his people from the Midianites who had been oppressing them for years. He is no longer hiding but has adopted a new mentality and a new picture of himself. suddenly he believes. and we all know what happens with the 300, it is a story that has been told even in folklore and movies have been made of it. Dear Reader, what is hindering you from belief in that little voice in your head?

Belief is a very strong emotion, but one that goes with two other companions – Confession and Hardwork – for it to truly become effectual. readers we can believe all we want but if we like Gideon don’t do the hardwork and confess it at the same time then we might as well be dreamers! having a dream is a good thing but like Rudyard Kipling said in his popular “IF” poem and it is on this note I shall end this series – if you can dream and not make dreams your master, if you can think and not make thoughts your aim – but as we have seen that through meditating use that vehicle to empty your mind of all negativity and cares so as to get into the creative mind that allows you to see yourself for who you are as the Creator sees you, then and only then can you be the best of you!

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