Kone's Cafe | Kone’s Tennis Cafe Week 1 – Spiritual Discovery Series
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Kone’s Tennis Cafe Week 1 – Spiritual Discovery Series

Kone’s Tennis Cafe Week 1 – Spiritual Discovery Series

I’m going on a limb here and let’s assume I’m going to start writing a weekly blog on the connection between one’s discovery of self and the spiritual aspects of what I love most about Tennis: you see for me I was saved by these fuzzy yellow balls. What do I mean? Once upon a time when I found myself always in hospital because of my son’s condition; I could only help but keep my sanity each time we got out after a long stint at the hospital, by pounding out my Serves on the hard courts of Lee LeClear.  


One can hardly talk about excellence in sports without making references to the likes of Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Andre Agassi and now more recently Roger and Rafa, along with Novak and Curry. My focus today starts with Michael Jordan and his discovery of self. A hardly noticeable kid in Junior High School that did not make his first try out for the Varsity Basketball Team in Laney High School where his older brother Larry played for the Buccaneers basketball team. However through much practice and of course growth spurts, which even his father testified that probably by sheer willpower – and we shall in these series come to that much later – he developed much so that by the time he was at the beginning of his Junior year after practicing every day for one whole summer he had grown to a whooping six-foot-three-inch junior. Pretty amazing huh! 

However, truly knowing himself and believing in that self didn’t just come immediately until when during the Finals of a Holiday Basketball Tournament, his school Laney High played against New Hanover high school and they won that game but only because Jordan had scored the last 15points of the game; the last point being in a most remarkable manner. It was only then did Michael truly begin to become a different person and believe he could achieve whatever it was he had set his mind to.

I hope this peaks your interest whoever you are reading this blog, but please stay tuned for next week as I will be sharing some insights on what I discovered about the Tennis Champion- Novak Djokovic.

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