Kone's Cafe | Mediation – How It can be done and still be effective
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Mediation – How It can be done and still be effective

Mediation – How It can be done and still be effective

I promised in my previous posts that I would show us how to meditate. This is why I shall spend a few lines this week walking you my esteemed reader through my own personal process. I know that out there, there are now Apps teaching people to meditate – and all of that may be good and work for others- but I’m reminded of a Sheperd boy of long ago who confronted a bear and later a giant and survived the death threats of a King he loved because he simply meditated on the word of God while he went about his normal day to day activities. I speak of David in the desert tending sheep.

This is why I choose to have my daily or weekly meditation out in the open as I walk during my lunch break or during my morning errands after school drop off. It comes naturally and I can keep my mind focused on the steady whooshing of cars passing by on the road and my eyes on the Mountains before me, but if it were on the streets of Lagos (smile) it will probably be to the hoots of the cars and the sweat on my brows that will keep my mind off its usual tangent of worries. Usually when I set off walking I start reciting a Psalm and this helps me begin the process of reclaiming my thoughts and bringing them under my control.

Meditation is simply the means by which one focuses for a period of time on a certain thought or activity to train the mind or one’s thoughts to be silent, but for the specific purpose of this series or in my case to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state.

At the end of my 20 minutes walk, I focus my eyes on the Mountains all around me I begin to say the first verse of Psalm 121, this has great meaning for me because it is a psalm of a pilgrim – of which we all are and need to be reminded- and also beautiful as it sounds it is a reminder of the Power of God! Usually this is the amount of time it takes for me to establish the connection with my inner mind and I can now be truly quiet within, which I must say is a very hard thing to do, but takes practice and patience with oneself. In fact if I may, allow me to say each time you feel your mind literally running around look up to the sky, pause and take it all in, for indeed it has a way of deceiving the mind to feel like it’s looking down from a height and in this moment your mind wants to reflect the nothingness it sees in the sky and when you allow yourself to absorb the softness of the clouds then again fixate on the verse (or any other that holds a certain meaning for you) for as long as it takes. Repeat this process as often as you need to until you train the mind. It is a journey and my friend, one that once mastered is yours to keep and well worth the time it took to mastery. 

More to come next week for the conclusion of this series on Gideon and I hope until then you find the time or better still create the time to meditate. 

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