Kone's Cafe | Preparation toward Tennis Tournament… What’s your style?
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Preparation toward Tennis Tournament… What’s your style?

Preparation toward Tennis Tournament… What’s your style?

I got this assignment to give players some tips on tournament preparation, I couldn’t stop thinking about this topic, I mean everyday else when players are not out there in the tournament courts competing, they are on court practicing, it’s like a part of their DNA to prepare for the big day. It’s  like the highlight of being a tennis player, the endless time on court especially when you have your eyes on the gold.
So I too the time to research and see what players do before, during and after every tournaments. How do they get success from each tournaments, how they cope with travelling round to different locations for tournaments during the tournament season.
I realised they all have habits, styles patterns, some seem ritualistic in nature to the point that psychologists has a comment or two, even criticism at some point but none of that stopped them, this ritualistic routines has brought them countless success and it has also become a part of them before, during and after every game.
Here are some tips as a player you should have at your finger tips that sure is going to build your mind into sticking with what works and breaking out of the lazy attitudes like this  “My preparation is, to not prepare“ I’m better off just turning up and playing, that works best for me” that some amateur players have.
Preparing for tournaments is one of the most critical things to get right and finding what works best for you or your players as individuals, is important.

1. Hydration – don’t ever underestimate the power of water, keeping yourself hydrated is important for concentration, energy levels and preventing tennis injuries. As a guide athletes can follow this formula; 0.03 x Body weight (KG) = ? Litres of water. This is a base requirement. Depending on weather conditions and how much you sweat Add 300ml-500ml of water for every hour you exercise for tennis especially now that the summer weather is not static, so regulate to stay tuned.

2. Tennis Nutrition – eating the right foods before, during and after tennis fitness training, provides your body with vital nutrients needed to produce energy, help the body repair damaged tissue and keep your immune system stable. If you are not sure what foods to consume contact a qualified nutritionist, this might be a bit expensive or confusing for the younger players just coming up, remember it’s important to keep your energy up with carbohydrates and vegetables & fruits, build and repair worn out tissues with protein usually I’m moderation and never forget water.

3. Tennis Training Equipment – Have your clothing ready and be prepared for different weather conditions. Make sure your tennis rackets are ready to go, sweatbands, face caps, towels etc are washed and ready for action.

4. Physical readiness –  Stretching and foam rolling before training for tennis is highly recommended, following a tennis stretching and a tennis foam roller program the night before a match is ideal. So ensure you are friendly with your fitness trainer for tips every once in a while as this is elementary to tournament preparation

5. Mental readiness – Don’t wait until you walk on court, to start mentally switching on. Matchday, you should start talking to yourself 2 hours before your match, keep it positive and go over the things you need to focus on, the things you have been working on with your tennis coach or tennis fitness trainer. It is important to have a strategy to focus on. Keeping yourself mentally relaxed is very important also, learning some good breathing techniques, is a good idea to help keep you centered.

I like to include some grand slam stars’ tournament preparation routine for that extra extra motivation :
Nadal has more elaborate behaviors that has nothing to do with his wicked left-handed hooking forehand. There will be kangaroo jumps in the locker, ultra-precise drink bottle positioning on changeovers, Obsessive toweling off between points and equally Obsessive wiping of the lines between points with a sneaker sole, even when those lines are clean.

Djokovic’s cardinal trait sometimes viewed as his cardinal sin is the ball bouncing, he typically start by bouncing the ball on the ground with his racquet before shifting the ball to his left hand, leaning forward and continuing his routine by bouncing the ball 8, 9, 10, sometimes 25 more times before tossing it into the air, arching his back and slamming an often marvelous serve.

Federer seems tic-free depict his occasional and superfluous shakes of head and his racquet twirling before receiving serve.

Like earlier stated, they may all seem ritualistic but it has brought them countless success, so don’t feel intimated or shy with whatever your style is. Observe them and get the gold which is the ultimate aim of every player during Tournaments.

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