Kone's Cafe | Summer Tennis 2019
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Summer Tennis 2019

Summer Tennis 2019


The 2019 summer tennis was quite an interesting one for the kids, which helped the kids in the display of their talents, developing more physical body strength and mental reasoning. Alot of discipline was impacted during their summer tennis coaching and i am satisfied at how fast they were able to learn new skills so fast. Some of the skills they were subjected to was on how to play their forehand, backhand, volleys and serves. They were also introduced to some exercise which helped to build up their stamina like jogging, jumping jacks, ladders and some stretches. Despite coming from different homes, they were all able to socialize with one another. After every training sessions, the coaches will set up games which involved co-operation and teamwork, the goal was to determine the winning group at the end of every game and enhance teamwork spirit. As much as tennis is an individualised game, it’s important to impact early into these kids the essence of teamwork and group co-operation. Yes I can proudly say that this year’s summer lessons on tennis was really worth everything that was put into it and a great learning experience for the kids.

Peace Udoh

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