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The World Cup of Junior Tennis

The World Cup of Junior Tennis



Even if it doesn’t feel like this immediately, but coming out for my first Champions Bowl Tennis tournament, the atmosphere sure feels like it. Everywhere I look it seems there are pockets of Nations from Australia to Switzerland all represented by kids ages 9-16, all eager to make a mark in this beautifully laid out Tennis Haven by the Sea Umag:

The setting is Istria- if you love to cycle and you love the beach, then this is the best place to book a Summer vacation and a Tennis one at that! Unveiling the Goran Ivanisevic Pro center . Fun loving tennis fans can come as a Group and get the best form of Fun for one week, culminating in a Full Tournament at the end of September. The Super Seniors ITF Tournament.
More tomorrow when I post about the ATP Stella Maris Tennis Stadium

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