Kone's Cafe | Week 2- Spiritual Discovery Series
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Week 2- Spiritual Discovery Series

Week 2- Spiritual Discovery Series

Who are the People in my Life that make me Believe more in Myself?

Alrighty, starting off where we stopped last week, I kind of like the life of Micheal Jordan at this time because he draws a parallel with some other cool guy from way way back in Old Testament times that many of us may not have known or even thought about and his name is Gideon. This young man was so heady, but yet so afraid to believe in himself and what he could do. Yeah! The same guy who became a great judge for the Israelites; and we can read all about him from Judges 6-8 and in all of that you can see especially in 7 when he came into himself and knew his mission as a mighty man of valor.

Such was the confusion in Jordan’s mind in the early stages of his career before I guess he learnt one or two from the greats before him like Magic Johnson. You see, he found out that the trick to success wasn’t so hard after all if you involved other people… what do I mean? Let’s draw a parallel and talk about a Sport I know so well, some would say that Tennis is an individual sport and to an extent, I agree but what many don’t know is what they don’t see. Yes, when a player steps on court to play matches all the audience sees is that one person out there, and most of the time all one can see- if you are not the kind that understands the principle I am about to share – is yourself . However like Djokovic acknowledged in a recent Facebook video I watched after he won the US Open last year, he said I’m privileged to have this team around me because we sat together after my injury and took stock of where we were, identified where we wanted to be and decided what was the right way to go about it and I just followed the plan. 

By saying this he meant that even though all you see is me out there wielding the racket I must believe in myself, but not only that also I must believe that every body will do their part to make sure that we achieve the goal. So just imagine for one second that the Coach didn’t show up for practice one day or two days in a row and his wife ticked him off two or three days in a row and the diet staff or physio did not get his routine properly…, now all of this combined will lead to disaster is that not so? Hence in acknowledging that he needed a team to get the two grand slams he won back to back, the team also knows that even if they did everything right it will mean nothing if Djokovic himself had no belief in his abilities as a player. 

Very recently after winning the semifinals of this year’s Australian Open he was asked by John McEnroe if after losing last year in the fourth round had he thought he would be back to a stage like this much less be playing in the Finals and he said without flinching or batting an eyelid ‘yes’ because he had the belief in himself. One must see where he is going and have the presence of mind amidst all pressures to face the long road – whatever it may be – to get to the picture you have in your mind!

And such was the reality that hit Michael in the NBA Finals against LA Lakers in 1991. Until next week when we discover yet another truth, keep a date with this blog, comment and share.

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  • Coach T
    Posted at 03:43h, 06 February Reply

    Sometimes starting something is the hardest, but then to follow up and keep on doing that is what Consistency is all about. If you do that enough times then you build a habit.
    Once the habit is formed it becomes a Character trait.
    I know that if I keep doing what I believe in, then soon I would have mapped out a whole new Character for my future which is definitely going to be different from my past!

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