Kone's Cafe | What is Meditation and How is it Done?
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What is Meditation and How is it Done?

What is Meditation and How is it Done?

It’s beautiful to start off new things isn’t it? Well the Year has now been one month and two weeks amen!! What has happened to those New Year resolutions? If you are anyone like me…(smile)you too would have realized that making those don’t just change you overnight; simply because a day flipped from 31 to 1 .

However for the Tennis players making plans for the New Year is always important like for instance where should a player get his points from? What Tournaments is he defending points from the last year and how is he going to make sure that his Calendar is as effective to manage his resources as it is in managing his body’s ability to recover on surfaces and at the same time give an edge to getting his ranking in the upwards direction??? These are all genuine questions that both the Player and his Coaching team have to address before the start of the New Year. But how does one stay motivated to keep the goal in mind and be committed to the Resolutions to make it?

Novak made some reference to this in his interview after winning the First Grandslam of the Year. But what I’d particularly talk about this week is his reply to the one question asked by John McEnroe after he won his Sémi Finals against Lucas Pouille. I mentioned in my post last week that both his team and his absolute belief in seeing himself in the Finals again after a fourth round exit in 2018 were absolutely crucial to a victory; but what one may not see is the motivation such belief stirs up in a Player.

Recently I started to ask myself this question on motivation and that brought me roundabout to the word Meditation. You see if one does not know how to silence and quieten the mind, he may never be able to dominate his physical senses and most of all his emotions. The crucial difference in Tennis I’ve come to find out especially at the highest level – but also very important at the Juniors – is the strength of mind over emotions!! And the act of meditation is the key in my opinion to unlocking this power house. This why the KTC system teaches and stresses this at a much earlier age than most others would.

Simply put Meditation is keeping your mind focused on a particular object, thought or activity for a length of time in order to achieve a mentally clear state of emotional calm. In itself it is not a destination but a means to the destination…

Join me next week as we discover the how and why it is an important tool for the Tennis Player.

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